RIVALS AT WAR HACK TOOL DOWNLOAD [iOS/Android] Free Coins and Bucks

rivals at war hack tool download


Can’t afford buying items from game developers? You can change it!

Download Pure Crystal Hacks newest RIVALS AT WAR HACK TOOL and enjoy the new gaming experience!

It will allow you to add Coins and Bucks to your game account.

Download now and share the rapid boost of expirience! Beat all your friends with some special items!

The software is completely safe and undetectable. You do not have to make any system changes. Just download and have more fun!

It is absolutely safe and virus free.


It takes only a moment to download the hack. You do not have to install anything, just click the icon and choose the items you want. Enjoy!







2. Open application

3. Enter your Team Name, choose system and decide which items you want

4. Click “START HACK”

5. Log back into your account after 1-2 minutes



rivals at war hack tool download


You can also see how RIVALS AT WAR HACK TOOL DOWNLOAD works:

Our software works on all of the most popular operating systems:

Mobile systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Computer systems: Linux, Mac, Windows


  • The hacks are created by our team and work in every geographical area of the world.
  • They are completely undetectable, so you do not have to be afraid of any ban or account liquidation.
  • They are tested by our team every day so that they are 100% working and current.
  • Our team consists of outstanding programmers and graphic designers who work day and night to provide you with fully functional and easy to use hacks.
  • They also care for the interface to be clear and understandable for everyone.


How to download:

  1. Click the download link
  2. You will be redirected to the server that contains the hack.
  3. Press “Download”
  4. You will have to choose one of the questionnaires and fill them. They are completely free and take 1-2 minutes of your time.
  5. After completing the survey you will gain the access to the download link. Remember to provide proper data so that the server does not block your download link.


Our site has chosen the surveys on purpose, so that we can avoid server overloads. They are supposed to check if you are not a bot in order to provide better software security for you and us.



44 comments to RIVALS AT WAR HACK TOOL DOWNLOAD [iOS/Android] Free Coins and Bucks

  • taymon  says:

    100% Work NO VIRUS Thanks mannn :)

  • ester  says:

    Rivals at War is a great game. With tool you make available will be much easier. Thank you.

  • Tigre  says:

    thanks for your hacks from France. I can’t believe it works :D

  • anon  says:

    I have to say that your team do really good piece of work there. Congratulations for you!

  • bon_ton  says:

    Hey! Thanks for upload man! This hack really helped me :)

  • BerseR  says:

    Great tool! Adds immediately! It works very well – Thank you :)

  • JD  says:

    This is the best app I’ve seen on the internet !!!

  • Karry  says:

    I never usually comment, but i just want to say THANK YOU! (it took about 2 mins to download but it WORKS!)

  • piere  says:

    Great hack! Works fine.

  • Steve  says:

    THANKS A LOT!!! I was searching everywhere for this! And it works!!

  • Anonymous  says:

    Superb hack!! Thanks a lot mates :)

  • Unknown  says:

    awesome hack for awesome game !!! THX !!!

  • Sarah  says:

    I’ve tried it out and it is really great program. I love you <3

  • Blaster  says:

    another great hack!!! thank you very much :)

  • KezoZ  says:

    I checked this upload and I think its worth downloading, why? Because this is real!

  • somebody  says:

    Great!!! My Favourite Game + Your Hack = PROFIT!!!

  • young mc  says:

    i really like it! was worth the download :)

  • BaStO  says:

    The only WORKING one :) good job guys!!

  • Whooaaa  says:

    Hey, I just leaving a comment to say THANKS for this HACK :)

  • Kangoo  says:

    Works Great!! THX PureCrystalHacks.com :)

  • Hobart  says:

    Hi! I’m from Australia and this hack works for me! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • golder  says:

    WOOOOOOOOWWWWW… at first i didn’t believed but after trying it i can only say that IT WORKS!!

  • bride  says:

    this hack works, thank you for the free stuff

  • Labor  says:

    Good job ! It works, I must test other hacks THANKS!

  • Kent  says:

    yeah! it works fine for me :) i don’t like those surveys but i understand you keep the good work! thank you!!!

  • castor  says:

    I downloaded your file easily, thank you.

  • Alex  says:

    Great release, already added Coins and Bucks with this tool, thanks admin

  • 18  says:

    Hack Works Great! Thanks a lot!

  • Allor  says:

    Good finally one that is functional and was able to hack the game. Thanks for this hack!

  • Omen  says:

    I don’t think I ever would have thought of that. Thanks :3

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  • Meggi  says:

    I thought it is impossible but this app really works!

  • Hund  says:

    My friend recommended this site to me. I am glad I tried it out, thanks.

  • Pearce  says:

    I really loved it, hope your hacks get really famous :)

  • rotate  says:

    Great job buddy, very nice hack! keep up the great work!

  • funT  says:

    i’m verry happy – this hack works great!!!! tnx

  • kindaR  says:

    Im so happy. This worked for me as well. You guys should hurry. I think this tool will get abused and patched so fast lol.

  • RooKo  says:

    still works great! thx for this hack :)

  • Bellido  says:

    The hack works very well and is undetectable. No virus detected ;)

  • Darren  says:

    this hack still works very well – good support!

  • Rigamo  says:

    I recommend it to everyone! It is Fantastic!

  • Sydney Black  says:

    I like your site very much, every hack which i use works very well!

  • Lenny81  says:

    It took so much time and you’re still doing great hacks!

  • probaSti  says:

    That’s right! Still best hacks on the internet!

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